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  • Mud Cloth Jacket - one of a kind - brim sold separately...jacket has SOLD!

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    This is a gorgeous one of a kind wearable art mud cloth jacket. Mud cloth is a unique fabric.  On this piece, it is integrated with cotton quilted black fabric as well as popcorn emerald green.  The weight is medium, sleeves are cuffed, deep pockets, zip up with a hood.  Sized large and is very forgiving.  Fits up to a 44" hip.  30" in length.  This piece is stunning!!!  The brim is sold separately.   Gently machine wash & dry.

    A bit of information on mud cloth.....Each piece of mud cloth has a story to tell! The symbols, the arrangement, color and shape, all reveal different secrets. Social statues, characters and occupation, these are all things which a piece of mud cloth communicates.. Even now African people are very careful about what they wear, as each fabric, color and dress is interpreted by others.   For more history on mud cloth simply google.  :) thank you!