B & B New Beginnings


“I believe the artistry of Fashion Design and the delivery of Healing Arts make for an incredible synergy”……………...Babbitt

Leslie Babbitt-Belcher, or more commonly known to her friends and family as simply Babbitt, has enjoyed a wonderful career for the past 30 plus years. Designing clothing and helping women to reconnect to themselves with her healing arts has always been her goal. Babbitt says, “It’s the same energy, just different expressions and putting the two together makes for an amazing synergy”.

Babbitt owned and operated a boutique and healing arts center in Andover, Massachusetts. Her move to Virginia was prompted by the introduction to her husband, Mr. James Roland Belcher, a true Virginian. After their fairy tale courtship and wedding in May of 2007, she moved her business to Virginia where she resides with her husband. B & B—a new beginning of course is the start of a whole new chapter. Seasoned with the experience and knowledge from a long and wonderful journey that continues to evolve, Babbitt was happy to expand and grow her energy into a new and different feeling in Virginia.

Fashion Designer

For over three decades, Babbitt has designed original pieces that have been featured on the runways of Fine Fashion Show and on many women who possess confidence, attitude and originality. These one of a kind pieces continue to be distinctive, classic, and timeless.

Healing Arts Practitioner

Babbitt believes in making people feel great on the inside and look fabulous on the outside.

As a Board Certified Reflexologist, her knowledge combined with her focused energy supports clients suffering from everything from acute to chronic health problems. She became interested in the energy of healing arts as a child. Her father, Malkes Gomes Babbitt Sr. was a Meta-physician in the New England area. She says, “My father was awesome, and I know he would be so proud to know that I am sharing my gifts”. Babbitt is a graduate of Lesley University and hold a Bachelor of Science in Business and Healing Arts, a graduate of the Palmer Institute in Salem, Massachusetts and a graduate of the Father Josef School of Reflexology.


Babbitt is a colorful, unique, and definitely original artist!. Babbitt is an amazing artist and has a gift with color. She loves to brush on canvass and clothe. Whether it is wearable art or a painting to enhance the life of a room, her work is definitely a find to treasure!