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Healing Arts

We offer beautiful products and incredible workshops for small or large groups. You can book a private workshop for your friends and we will structure and deliver the topic with wonderful energy for sure. Combating stress is my goal.  Whether you join in on a class or a workshop I can guarantee that you will leave feeling renewed & rejuvenated!  The journey back to self is fun, exciting and definitely fulfilling so give us a call to schedule your time.  I look forward to sharing!  Babbitt 

Services & Products

Shirodhara is a fascinating and awesome modality. A unique body therapy originating from the natural Ayurveda medical system that will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated.  The stream of warm sesame oil on the forehead directly impacts the nervous system and results in a deep cleansing effect on the mind and nerves.  This session is 90 minutes of fabulous experience.   $125.00

Reflexology - whether it is hot stone, Ayurveda, or American standard, Reflexology is by far the most profound modality.  This is an ancient and holistic healing modality that supports the whole body by bringing one back into homeostatsis.  This is a state of balance and harmony.  Reflexology is a gentle but powerful modality designed to aid the body in healing itself in its own time by re-educating the systems that in turn will self correct existing problems on very deep levels to improve and support health and well being. 

Standard session - includes the integration of American & Ayurvedic Methods with the use of Kasa bowls as well as Hot stones. - $95 (60 minutes)

EAR CONING  – is a non invasive, non medical treatment that removes unnecessary wax and debris from the sinus cavity and the throat. This modality is very relaxing and if you suffer from migraine headaches, vertigo or constant sinus infections, you will be pleased with results from an ear coning session. It is also wonderful for tinnitus." 60 minute session $55 


Wonderful Body Butter, Delicious Tranquility Full Body Oil & Beautiful Face Oil will leave you feeling like heaven :) & that is a fact!

     Scent is the most powerful of our senses. It has the ability to alter our emotions and heal our bodies. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic and cosmetic reasons. Essential oils have been revered for their aroma and restorative effects on the body, mind and spirit for thousands of years.  You can special order any oil by calling me directly...804-543-7813...thank you!

Babbitt’s blends, including our bath & body oils, body butter and bath salts are perfectly formulated with a balance of beautiful ratios of 100% pure essential oils.  Click on the video below for more information about my beautiful face oil and other products.  Have a great day!

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